Workshops are offered on various subjects related to improving company culture. Whether you are a small business hoping to improve communication among employees or a larger business wanting to train management on leadership tools to improve company culture, it is a great step on the journey of culture improvement.

Learning together is a great way to begin or continue improving an organization’s culture. Those in the training can continue to discuss what they learn, helping them apply it further, and hold each other accountable on changes they are working towards. 

Workshops are offered to groups on a variety of topics:

          ·    Improving team dynamics

       o   Working together rather than against each other

       o   Working through conflict constructively

       o   Trusting one another

          ·    Working towards excellent communication

       o   Listening intently with one another

       o   Articulating important things on the mind

       o   Creating a safe environment for important issues to be discussed constructively

          ·    How to be a great leader

       o   For leaders newly promoted to a leadership position

       o   For seasoned leaders

          ·    How to have difficult conversations

          ·    How to motivate employees and help them engage

Is there a subject you want your organization to hear but is not listed above? Talk to Vanessa about customizing a workshop for what your company needs. Workshops can be offered in person or virtually.

Workshops can be offered to an organization’s leadership team, top management, or the whole organization, whatever fits your company best. Each workshop can be tailored to help management improve their leadership or to help all employees in an organization make improvements in the various categories.

Contact Vanessa for pricing on workshops for your business.