Every business is unique and has different needs. By working one on one with Vanessa, she can assess your needs, and teach you how to work towards a culture that works for you and your business. Based on her approach, she can also advise on specific situations relating to your workplace environment, such as:

           ·    Improving team dynamics

       o   Working together rather than against each other

       o   Working through conflict constructively

       o   Trusting one another

           ·    Working towards excellent communication

       o   Listening intently with one another

       o   Articulating important things on the mind

       o   Creating a safe environment for important issues to be discussed constructively

           ·    How to have difficult conversations

           ·    How to hold others accountable in a positive way

           ·    How to motivate employees and help them engage

           ·    Teaching new leaders how to lead well

           ·    Coach established leaders how to be more effective

           ·    Many more situations in which direction is needed

      Through Vanessa’s training and experience, she is equipped to help you improve your organizations culture and help it last through business’ ups and downs. As a result, leaders will have the tools to create a positive environment and employees will be happy which will help them be engaged in their work and lead to amazing results in your organization, including an improved bottom line. Contact Vanessa to see how she can help you in your business.