My Philosophy

Having graduated from one of the top master’s degree programs in Organizational Leadership in the country, my philosophy on leadership was significantly influenced by some of the greatest minds who have ever focused on the area of leadership. One of these exceptional minds, Robert Greenleaf, taught a style of leadership that encompassed components which deeply resonated with me regarding what makes up a great leader. This style of leadership focuses on the growth of individuals and as a leader, serving them to help them grow in all areas such as job performance, being a team player, listening and communicating, fostering great relationships in and out of the workplace, etc.

This framework has become my philosophy about leadership, which is helping others become their best selves. As one does that, they build the person they are leading as well as themselves; creating a positive environment in which all parties can learn, connect, and grow in a constructive way which leads them to produce amazing results together. If that weren’t enough, this positive environment not only effects the team environment and results of the organization, but it also leads to a natural result of improving the bottom line as well. I believe this philosophy is a method that will help organizations, teams, and individuals become happier and more effective at work, reducing social difficulties in the workplace, spurs more belonging, encourages inclusion, and will make a lasting impact in an organization like nothing else can.

It would be my honor to work with you to help your organization work towards this type of environment and witness amazing results that this effort will bring.